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OpenFurther is a next generation federation architecture. It's built from the ground up to connect disparate data resources with a scalable federated query engine. OpenFurther technology translates heterogenous data models on the fly, empowering researchers to gain new knowledge and speeds up the delivery of data from months to minutes.

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OpenFurther supported by the NCRR/ NCATS Grants UL1RR025764 and 3UL1RR025764-02S2, National Center for Clinical and Translational Science 1UL1TR001067, along with the University of Utah Research Foundation, infrastructure resources from Center for High Performance Computing, and grant 1D1BRH20425 (DHHS).  PHIS+  funded by grant R01 HS019862 from  AHRQ, (DHHS). VIRGO (MPI) supported by NLM Grant 5RC2LM010798. REDCap is supported by Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences grant support 8UL1TR000105.