OpenFurther 1.4.1

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OpenFurther 1.4.1 release brings over previous features from the U of U implementation of OpenFurther. The software stack now supports iterative queries and export of translated demographics from queried datasources. For example, the system supports construction of queries from one source that contains lab results and another that may contain DNA samples, or querying one source that contains labs and then a secondary source that contains diagnosis and procedures from another provider. Translated patient demographic results can then be exported for download and analysis. The updates have been applied to the demo instance of OpenFurther as well.

All OpenFurther GitHub repos are tagged with 1.4.1 for this release.

The previous query support was presented at the 2012 SHARPn Summit Secondary Use.

Utilizing Previous Result Sets as Criteria for New Queries within FURTHeR. Poster session presented at 2012 SHARPn Summit Secondary Use, Rochester, MN. N. Dustin Schultz, Richard L. Bradshaw, Joyce A Mitchell. Download PDF Poster